Ahmed accueilNative of Oued Souf in algerian Sahara, Ahmed Daha first played saharian flute, evolving with sounds of afro-saharaoui rythms and lyrical songs of the Middle East. Another parts of his life in Alger, capital of Algeria, and in France, Ahmed discovered the guitar, the chaâbi, the arabo-andalou, the flamenco, the blues, Santana, Hendrix..!

From this plurality of cultures he has met, he found his original sound and his writing, which were the foundations of “Ahmed el Salam” band.

He writes music and lyrics with the blended influences of the warm hospitality of his native environment and the rythms he met along his road, creating a music to the strains of harmony, peace and joy. His voice and his guitar play celebrate the evident wedding of these many sounds.
Is it the reason why he can reach people’s heart beyond differences of styles, belongings and generations?

"A real intelligence and a pure magic, without easy effects or traditional arrangements. Funk grooves are the base for Ahmed’s profound singing. His voice comes from his heart, that is a thing we can feel, physically and emotionally."       

Ahmed Daha : Vocals, guitars, oud

Thierry Ménéghello :  percussion, backing vocals

Eric Scalzitti : bass, ney, backing vocals

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